Further Details Uncovered On Vince McMahon’s Spinal Surgery

Vince McMahon with moustache

Vince McMahon recently had spinal surgery that was kept private from many people within WWE.

It was reported by TMZ one week ago that WWE’s Executive Chairman Vince McMahon had major back surgery. Another update called it “life-altering” surgery because of how significant of an operation it was. McMahon is on medical leave although it’s not known how long that will last.

While Vince McMahon was getting that operation done, most people that work for WWE were kept in the dark about it. Since Vince doesn’t go to most Raw and Smackdown events, a lot of the wrestlers never get to see him.

McMahon is currently in a position now where he edits things for television remotely while his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque runs the creative team as WWE’s Chief Content Officer, which is a role that he has had for one year now.

Vince McMahon Surgery Considered A “Very Touchy Situation”

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided an update by noting that due to McMahon’s age, it’s a touchy situation.

“Vince McMahon, 78, had very serious spinal surgery this past week. The operation lasted more than four hours. The surgery was largely kept quiet from everyone until days after it happened. Any kind of surgery at that age, especially when it involves the back, is a very touchy situation.”

“He’ll probably be back remotely working very soon but obviously wasn’t heavily involved with the television this past week.”

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon is also under federal investigation, as WWE reported in their 2023 second-quarter financial findings.

The investigation is regarding all of the “hush money payments” that McMahon made in the past that came to mind over a year ago, which led to his retirement in July 2022. That retirement lasted about months.

In the WWE 2023 second-quarter financial findings, the company revealed that “Mr. McMahon has paid approximately $17.4 million to reimburse the Company” for costs that have been incurred and paid by the company due to his own transgressions.