Latest On Vince McMahon Federal Investigation

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A new report has shed more light on the federal investigation into Vince McMahon.

As part of WWE’s second quarter 2023 financial filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company has confirmed that “On July 17, 2023, federal law enforcement agents executed a search warrant and served a federal grand jury subpoena on Mr. McMahon. No charges have been brought in these investigations.”

It remains to be seen if charges will come at a later date in relation to the subpoena. It is also noted that “The Company has received voluntary and compulsory legal demands for documents, including from federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies, concerning the investigation and related subject matters.”

Vince McMahon is currently on medical leave from WWE as a result of “major spinal surgery” and it remains to be seen when he will return to his role.

Why is Vince McMahon being investigated?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave more insight into the investigation into McMahon and confirmed it was down to payments made to female ex-employees of the company that came to light in 2022:

“He was already in front of a grand jury, they are investigating him, there is a search warrant. It is supposed to be on the payoffs that he made to women. So it’s a federal investigation on Vince McMahon. Not the first time. [he has stepped away] That is due to the surgery.

“This is different because there is an investigation, it’s not like there is a trial coming up. If there is a trial, he should be healed for then. He hasn’t even been indicted for anything yet. So having the neck surgery was not coincidental to his trial, because he needed the neck surgery. But also because he was on trial, he was taking himself off television in 1994.

“For now, he is not changing shows or anything like that. He has stepped away from his duties, there is no timeframe for his return. But yeah, it wouldn’t have anything to do with that because there is no trial coming up in the next 3 to 4 weeks.”

Vince McMahon was put on trial by the US Government back in 1994 on conspiracy charges related to steroid distribution. McMahon was acquitted of all charges but one ex-WWE star revealed the lengths the prosecutors went to to try and make their case.

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