Former WWE Star Assisted In Producing A Match At Backlash

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A former WWE superstar helped two wrestlers that were involved in a big match at Saturday night’s Backlash in front of a hot Puerto Rico crowd.

Surprise returns were in full force as Savio Vega and Carlito gained huge reactions by helping musician Bad Bunny take on Damien Priest.

But backstage there was another former WWE Superstar in action, working as a producer alongside Jamie Noble.

According to PWInsider, former Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick was seen working closely with Noble as the company ran a premium live event in Puerto Rico for the first time since January 2005.

In an update, Fightful Select reported that while Kendrick wasn’t technically a Producer for the match, he helped Priest train Bad Bunny for the match.

Kendrick left WWE in 2022 to compete in AEW but was released due to historical comments he had made.

The former Tag Team Champion had two previous spells with WWE, rejoining in 2014 and working in-ring and also as a trainer, later developing into a backstage producer during his time with 205 Live.

Backlash kicked off with the Raw Women’s Championship on the line as Bianca Belair defended against Iyo Sky.

The three-hour event included a double main event as The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes battled Brock Lesnar, whilst the most streamed artist Bad Bunny took on Damien Priest in a San Juan Street Fight.

Kendrick had previously been given a try out as a producer at last year’s Survivor Series.

It was also noted by PWInsider that others backstage included Rick Bassman and Lana (CJ Perry) as a former writer admitted WWE “dropped the ball” during her time in the company.