Bad Bunny Wins At Backlash With Help From Two Returning WWE Stars

bad bunny wwe backlash damian priest

Bad Bunny was victorious in his first singles match in WWE thanks to an assist from some friends.

The 2023 edition of WWE Backlash took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Grammy-Award-winning artist Bad Bunny facing his former friend Damian Priest one of the matches that the company billed as a double main event.

During a backstage segment early in the show, Bad Bunny was shown talking to the LWO (Latino World Order) leader Rey Mysterio, who was thrilled to give Bad Bunny an LWO shirt on Smackdown. They were joined by former WWE superstar Savio Vega, who is a Puerto Rican wrestling legend

When Bad Bunny faced Damian Priest in the San Juan Street Fight, it was a battle of two guys from Puerto Rico that teamed up together to win at WrestleMania 37 two years ago, but things fell apart this year to make them become rivals.

There were some cool moves executed by Bad Bunny during the match like the Michinoku Driver and Falcon Arrow slams, but he wasn’t able to put Priest away. When Priest hit the South of Heaven slam, he picked Bunny up at two to stop the count, which ended up being a big mistake.

In the biggest spot of the match, Priest slammed Bunny off an equipment case that was by the tech area and drove Bunny through a nearby table. Despite that, Bunny kept on fighting.

Since it was a Street Fight, there was interference from Priest’s friends in The Judgment Day group Dominik Mysterio & Finn Balor. Rey Mysterio tried to make the save, but that wasn’t enough and that led to Carlito making the save. Carlito, who is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, got a HUGE ovation from the crowd and cleaned house. Carlito is from San Juan and wrestled in Puerto Rico many times, so he is beloved there.

That was also when Savio Vega reappeared with the rest of the LWO. Savio took care of Balor in the aisle with punches and a spin kick.

The match between Bad Bunny and Priest continued with the Grammy winner applying a Figure Four Leglock since Priest was selling a left knee injury during the match. After Bad Bunny used as steel chair to wear down Priest even more, Bunny hit the Canadian Destroyer (or “Bunny Destroyer” as Cole called it) for the pinfall win. It was a match that went about 25 minutes.

After the match was over, Bad Bunny and the LWO celebrated with Savio and Carlito. The crowd just kept on cheering their local hero Bad Bunny as well as local wrestling legends Savio and Carlito along with the LWO faction.