Former AEW Star Had Unique Clause In Contract

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A former wrestler in AEW revealed that he made sure to have a clause in contracts that he signed with the company.

Ryan Nemeth was never pushed heavily in All Elite Wrestling, but the veteran wrestler was featured on television occasionally. The “Hollywood Hunk” Nemeth worked for AEW from January 2021 until late 2023.

One story about Nemeth in AEW that got a lot of attention was when he was confronted by CM Punk backstage. The incident was caused by Nemeth making a comment on social media and Punk confronted him about it, but apparently things were cool after they spoke.

In addition to being a pro wrestler, Nemeth is also known for being a comedian and an actor. Nemeth’s done many comedy shows with his brother Nic Nemeth, who used to be WWE’s Dolph Ziggler.

During an interview with the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Nemeth said he had a clause in his AEW contract that prevented him from being penalized for taking time away from the ring to further his acting career.

“My main focus has always been the same. I want to get people to smile, you know? So that can mean a lot of things, right? That could be wrestling. That could be doing comedy, that could be writing, that could be acting. I want them to feel something and I want to make a living doing that.”

“So I’m not really picking one thing and I never will and no one has ever made me. Every AEW contract I’ve ever signed, I had put in there that I cannot be penalized or punished in any way for booking an acting job and going. They were very cool about it, so I always appreciated that.”

“I was like, ‘Hey, it’s literally my name, Hollywood Hunk. So, I have to go act sometimes.’ I’ve only had to miss, I think, two AEW shows ever and one when I had to go do reshoots for Iron Claw. I remember I had to shoot, get on a red eye, and then arrive. It was one of those real close calls, but I didn’t [miss it].”

Ryan Nemeth Working For TNA Post-AEW

Recently, Nemeth has appeared for TNA Wrestling including this past week when he saved Matt Hardy, who was fighting The System. That top heel group The System features TNA World Champion & TNA Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers. That group took out Ryan’s brother Nic, so that’s how Ryan was introduced in the story.

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