TNA Impact Review – May 9, 2024

TNA Impact May 9

A tag team match with X-Division Championship implications headlined this week’s TNA Impact while The System held a championship celebration.

The opening video focused on the Under Siege event from last Friday. I thought it was just an okay show that took a long time to get going. The System are now in full control of TNA Wrestling after Alisha and Masha Slamovich captured the Knockouts Tag Titles.

TNA Wrestling: 9.5.24 from The Washington Avenue Armory: Albany: NY

The System Championship Celebration

The celebration began with some cheerleaders on the stage. The faction got introduced with all of their championships. The crowd was not impressed to say the least. Brian Myers told the fans to acknowledge them as the greatest faction in TNA history. He said now everyone in The System is a champion but the fans shouldn’t be surprised. Myers said he doesn’t have enough TV time to list all of their accomplishments. Moose said he had played on a lot of great teams but this was the best he’s been involved in. He said if you didn’t believe him then ask Nic Nemeth or Matt Hardy. Eddie Edwards put over his wife as a champion, after a decade of wrestling. I can recall one match of hers that I liked and that was against Jordynne Grace who doesn’t have bad matches with anyone. Edwards called her the greatest Knockout of all time which is an incredibly heelish thing to say and almost a jailable offence. Alisha started to talk (my ears!) and said she had made a video which was all of The System holding and kissing their titles. Could someone interrupt this, please? Hooray, it’s Broken Matt Hardy who deleted his way to the ring with a steel chair. Hardy’s team lost at Under Siege in one of the stupidest booking decisions in recent memory. Hardy congratulated The System on their victory. He said the war was far from over though. Hardy said nothing would stop him from taking the World Title from Moose. He said now he understands The System. Alisha started to talk and Hardy called her a witch. Moose said there were four of them and only one Hardy. Hardy told Moose he didn’t like his odds and nailed him with a chair shot to the ribs. He smashed Edwards across the back but the numbers finally were too much. The System beat down Hardy in the corner with right hands. Moose set the chair around Hardy’s neck just like they did to Nemeth. All of a sudden, Ryan Nemeth appeared with a kendo stick and took down Myers and Edwards. Nemeth and Hardy tossed Moose over the top rope and then the cheerleaders started doing the Delete chant at The System which got a chuckle.

Analysis: That was a good opening to the show. The heels were over the top in the arrogance and cheesiness. Having Ryan on the show, with Nic injured, plays to the personal aspect of the story. He didn’t get much of a go in AEW so hopefully he can show what he can do in TNA.

They showed highlights from Mustafa Ali’s successful X-Division title defense over Ace Austin at Under Siege. Gia Miller was backstage with the ABC. They face Speedball Mountain later and the winners of that will face off for an X-Division title shot. Miller asked if that might cause tension between the duo. Austin told Miller that both he and Bey were cheated out of the title and they’re going to be smarter about how they go about their business from now on.

Analysis: They continue to tease a bit of tension between the two. I’d be happier if they went back to singles wrestlers.

The System stormed in to Santino’s office and were furious about their celebration being ruined. Santino said they could get their revenge but he was putting the finishing touches on an announcement. I’ve seen it and it’s quite the match!

Match #1: First Class vs The F.B.I w/ Little Guido

Rich Swann got the win over Jake Something at Under Siege in a surprising result. Swann and Ray Jaz started the match. Jaz hit a suplex and tagged in the big man, Zack Clayton. He hit a big T-Bone suplex on Swann. Clayton had Swann up on his shoulders, but Swann gouged his eyes and tagged in AJ Francis. Swann hit a corner clothesline then sent Clayton into a shoulder block from AJ. Francis choked Clayton against the middle rope with his knee. Swann got a cheap shot in and then Francis wrenched Clayton’s neck against the top rope. Both men went for a clothesline and crashed into each other. Swann and Jaz tagged in. Jaz nailed a back elbow and a spinning heel kick. He did an impressive roll through into a back suplex for 2. The big men slugged it out in the centre of the ring but Clayton missed AJ, who sent him crashing to the floor. Francis hit an illegal chokeslam on Jaz and Swann nailed the Frog Splash for the win after 4 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: First Class

Analysis: ** That was building to a nice match but then it only went 4 minutes. The FBI faction have some potential if they hang around, because they’re getting some popularity. First Class continue to build their momentum. I’d like a Tag Title run in the future for them.

Jake Something confronted Santino Marella backstage. The Rascalz then interrupted and Something was not impressed. Marella said since they all wanted some action then let’s have a tag team match. Cody Deaner walked in as Jake’s partner.

Analysis: Easy way to set up a match. Deaner is slowly getting over as this corny face who only does what the people want.

Sound Check with Kon and Steph De Lander

Alan Angels was late to his interview and Kon was not impressed. The last time Kon was on this show he attacked Angels. Angels was sucking up to him as a two-time guest. Kon pushed Angels chair away so he was out of the camera shot. SDL was not impressed that Angels insinuated that Kon and her were an item. Angels tried hitting on her and Kon started to leave so Angels brought in the security and Kon destroyed them.

Analysis: That was bad. Really bad. Moving on.

Match #2: The Rascalz vs Jake Something & Cody Deaner

Deaner asked the people if they wanted a regular tag match or an Albany Tornado Tag match because apparently he’s the booker now. I hope he didn’t book Under Siege’s main event because then we have issues. That being said, there’s not nearly enough Tornado Tag matches nowadays. I think they’re great. Something and Deaner took control on the outside early. They double-teamed Miguel with a chop. Wentz took down Something from behind on the outside, then Miguel hit a double stomp. They double-teamed Deaner in the ring with a choke against the turnbuckle. Miguel mocked the referee by counting even though there were no counts for DQs in this match. They hit a double-team elbow on Deaner. Wentz nailed Something with a running punt from the apron. Miguel hit a running knee and Wentz covered Deaner for a 2 count. Deaner tried to fight back but succumbed to some Motor City Machine Gun-type double team work. Something finally made it back to the apron and tossed Miguel over the top from outside. Wentz rammed him into the steel post and Miguel hit a 619 around the post. Miguel hit a running neckbreaker on Deaner for 2. The heels stomped away on Deaner in the corner. Miguel launched Deaner into the bottom rope, face-first, for another 2 count. Something attempted to get back into the ring again. He nailed Miguel with a forearm and stopped Wentz from attacking him on the apron. Something hit a clothesline on Wentz and an avalanche to Miguel. He caught Wentz in mid-air and tossed him into an incoming Miguel. Something hit a sit-out powerbomb on Miguel back in the ring for a very close 2 count. He signalled for the end but Miguel popped out the back and hit a Poisonrana! Deaner hit a neckbreaker and went for the cover, but so did Wentz on Something so the referee was confused and eventually counted both pinfalls that were unsuccessful anyway. Wentz and Deaner slugged it out. Deaner got on top with some jabs and they collided with duelling crossbodies. Miguel slid through the ropes looking for a Sunset Flip on the floor to Something but Something blocked it. Miguel sprayed the paint in his eyes and went back inside the ring for a spinebuster on Deaner. They hit a double-team double stomp for the win after 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Rascalz

Analysis: ***1/4 That was a fun tag team match where the teams gelled well together. Something’s power played off well against the more athletic duo of Wentz and Miguel, who are terrific against anyone. Another loss here for Something- he’s on a bit of a streak!

Steve Maclin showed up and attacked the Rascalz from behind after the match. He sent Miguel into the steel ring post and then hit a KIA on the ramp to Wentz, but it looked more like Jon Moxley’s awful version rather than a proper double-arm DDT. I wish he just stuck to how it usually looks.

Maclin revealed himself as the one who took out Miguel at Under Siege. Frankie Kazarian turned up and blamed a distracted Maclin for their tag team loss at Under Siege. Maclin said their partnership was over.

Analysis: Maclin doesn’t have any friends now. That’s good. He should go out on his own again.

Tom Hannifan Sits Down With Mike Santana

Hannifan asked Santana how he was feeling after his surprise return at Rebellion. Santana said he was on top of the world and thanked the fans. Hannifan and Santana reflected on his time in LAX. They talked about Santana breaking out to becoming a singles wrestler in 2019. Santana mentioned losing his dad and facing some demons to become sober.

Analysis: That was well done. I feel like doing it right after he returned would’ve been more effective though.

Ash-by-Elegance Interview

Someone named Gabby LaSpisa was in the ring to interview Ash. I don’t know who Gabby is, like most of TNA’s ‘celebrities’ that have appeared last week. She’s a podcaster. George Iceman cut her off to introduce Ash. Gabby made fun of Ash’s name and asked if ‘by-Elegance’ was her surname. She questioned what the ‘Elegance’ meant. Ash said that it was a lifestyle brand. I’m not sure what that means. She trashed the fans and tried to leave. I wish she did because this is a terrible segment. Gabby said Iceman and Ash seemed a little agitated and played clips from Ash beating Havok at Under Siege. They showed Ash trying to get with jewelled knuckles against Xia Brookside which led to Brookside getting the surprise win. Iceman complained about the camera angle and Ash complained about her jewellery being stolen. Gabby said that Ash will face Brookside again with the jewelled knuckles on the line. Brookside skipped down to the ring looking confident. She mustn’t have been watching this segment. Brookside proposed the rematch officially and they shook hands. Iceman and Ash made Gabby say ‘by-Elegance’ at the end.

Analysis: That was probably supposed to be really corny but my goodness that was painful. Up there with most of the Sound Check segments.

There was a clip about Joe Hendry’s theme song going viral on the charts.

Santino Marella announced a Champions vs Challengers 16-person tag team match for next week. That looks insane.

Match #3: Jonathan Gresham vs Will Ferrara

Gresham hit 3 quick dropkicks. He locked Ferrara’s arm between his legs and stretched his ankle at the same time. Gresham tried a roll up for 2. Ferrara hit a splash in the corner and a back elbow. He ran the ropes but Gresham cut him off with a springboard moonsault. Gresham launched Ferrara’s knee into the canvas multiple times. Gresham went to lock in the Octopus stretch but spat ink into his hand and choked Ferrara out with the Mandible Claw and that was enough for the win after 4 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jonathan Gresham

Analysis: **

I’m sure there are plenty of people who didn’t like this but I’m happy for Gresham to sink his teeth into something different. I find it entertaining.

There was a vignette with Gail Kim seeking out Gisele Shaw at a Wellness Centre and (possibly) asking her to return.

Analysis: Shaw had an odd run in TNA. She lost a lot of matches and rarely won a big one.

The great Mustafa Ali joined commentary for the main event. The winning team will face-off for a shot at Ali’s X-Division Championship at Against All Odds. Thankfully, that show is 5 weeks away and we can build some meaningful feuds!

Match #4: Speedball Mountain vs ABC

Mike Bailey and Chris Bey started off the match, but Seven tagged in and got a quick 1 count. Bailey tagged back in and hit a modified Poetry in Motion, then a running SSP for 2. Bey nailed a back elbow and tagged in Ace Austin. They hit a double hip toss and Austin tried for a pinfall but Bailey kicked out at 1. Bey tagged in and hit a running clothesline for 2. He nailed Bailey with knees to the back for another nearfall. Bey threw Bailey into Austin’s foot and tagged him in. Bailey avoided a corner attack and hit a missile dropkick from the 2nd rope. He tagged in Trent Seven who tried a suplex but Austin slipped out the back and tagged in Bey. Seven hit a spinning suplex on Bey for 2. Bey decked Bailey who was standing on the ring apron. Seven put Bey on the top rope and chopped him then nailed a superplex. Bailey was on the other turnbuckle and went for the SSP but Bey moved. Austin launched himself from the top rope with a dropkick on Seven. He stomped away on Seven on the floor, whilst Bailey and Bey brawled a bit. Seven fought back with chops but also collided with the post, as did Bailey. Bey tossed Bailey back in the ring and targeted the right arm with a knee drop. He repeatedly kicked Bailey in the head whilst he was down against the mat. Bey flattened Bailey with a forearm and another one. That looked stiff. Bailey hit an enziguiri which sent Bey to his corner, so Austin tagged in. Bailey slipped out of a back suplex and nailed a kick. Austin ducked under some other kicks and then they both kicked each other at the same time! Seven and Bey both tagged in. They exchanged chops in the centre of the ring. Bey tried a Tornado DDT but Seven held on. Bey blocked a suplex and hit a kick to the head and a cutter for 2. Austin tagged in and they hit a nice combination kick/Brainbuster for 2. Bailey tried to come in and was met with some stomps from Austin. Austin and Bey did the ‘Too Sweet’ which was too much stalling, so Seven launched Austin with a German Suplex. He nailed the Seven Star Lariat but Bey hit a diving lariat that knocked Bailey into the pinfall, which broke it up. Austin tagged Bey in again and they set up for the finisher but Bailey stood in front of Seven and they tossed the ABC to the outside, then hit duelling dives. Bailey and Bey went back in the ring. Bailey measured him for the Tornado Kick and nailed it. He tagged in Seven who wanted the Birming Hammer. Austin dragged Bey off and sent Seven into Bailey, who went crashing to the floor. Bey hit a running knee strike on Seven, then Austin hit a running somersault over the top rope to take Seven out. He tossed Bailey back into the ring and went over to confront Ali. He tagged in and the ABC went for the Art of Finesse but Seven caught Bey and they nailed him with a superkick into a half-and-half suplex. Seven nailed Austin with the Birming Hammer and Bailey finished him off with Ultima Weapon. The match went 18 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Speedball Mountain

Analysis: ***1/2 Very good action here. I figured that miscommunication would cost the ABC again and it did, as Austin got too focused on Ali on the outside when they had Bailey ready to finish off in the ring. That hesitation cost them as Seven made the save and then turned the match around.

That means Seven will face Bailey for a shot at Mustafa Ali at Against All Odds.

Final Rating: 6/10

That felt like a very low-key episode of Impact. I’m not too disappointed in that, as they have 5 weeks to build to the next big show. It’s also back-to-back 6/10s from me, which I doubt has ever happened since I’ve been covering TNA again. It just didn’t feel like an important show and lacked many big names including: Jordynne Grace, Josh Alexander, Hammerstone, Eric Young and many others. The main event was very good and I hope Mike Bailey gets a singles push now to face Ali at Against All Odds. Bailey is someone who should be around the main event scene at this point in his TNA career.

The next TNA monthly special is Against All Odds on June 14th. Here’s the card so far:

* TNA X-Division Championship: Mustafa Ali (c) vs Mike Bailey or Trent Seven

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