Who Made The First Move To Secure CM Punk’s WWE Return?

Triple H CM Punk

A new report has offered more details on how CM Punk’s return to WWE came together.

CM Punk shocked the wrestling world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series — two months after being fired by AEW. Despite the incredible amount of speculation around the star, his comeback remained a secret with only a select few aware of the deal.

After the show, it was reported that Vince McMahon wasn’t involved in putting the agreement together, with Nick Khan and Triple H handling the situation.

Meanwhile, a new report from Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has offered more insight into the WWE locker room’s feelings on Punk’s return. Interestingly, there’s some trepidation within WWE about the star’s big comeback.

“There are concerns about how Punk will integrate himself in the locker room. Though his run in AEW was exciting, it was also extremely divisive. Punk had his share of enemies, as well as plenty of supporters.”

The report also confirms that it was Punk who approached WWE, and not the other way around.

“A major element in Punk’s return is that WWE did not chase him. Punk opened the line of communication, and he listened, and then agreed, to what was asked of him before signing his contract.”

Who Is CM Punk Going To Face First?

The same report also reveals that once settled in, CM Punk will square off against Seth Rollins. There are also plans for Punk to face Roman Reigns, although there is no word on when a potential storyline would kick into gear.