Details On Planned WWE Storylines For CM Punk

CM Punk cuts a promo on WWE Raw

A new report has given an insight into WWE’s plans for CM Punk.

While hell might not have completely frozen over there was a chill in the Chicago air on November 25th when CM Punk completed his remarkable return to WWE. After nine years away — many of those spent saying he would never go back — Punk walked out at Survivor Series to a monster ovation.

Although Punk’s return was greeted with overwhelming positivity by his hometown crowd, Seth Rollins appeared apoplectic at ringside, playing into his reported dislike of the star.

Two nights later, Punk appeared on Raw and declared that he was home. The star steered clear of discussing his firing by AEW, seemingly determined to show that he’s turned over a new leaf. However, the question remains, what’s next?

According to a new report from Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Punk’s immediate future will unsurprisingly revolve around a feud with Rollins, although that’s not all. There are also plans for Punk to face Roman Reigns, but only after his storyline with Rollins is done and dusted.

Barrasso adds there’s “reason to believe” Rollins vs. Punk could main event night one of WrestleMania 40.

Punk has an extensive history with both Rollins and Reigns, stemming back to the creation of The Shield.

CM Punk Had Star Removed From AEW Collision

While CM Punk is back in WWE, stories continue to emerge regarding his time in AEW.

Following the news that QT Marshall has handed in his resignation and will be leaving the promotion at the end of the year, it’s been reported that CM Punk played a role in the star being removed from AEW Collision.