Fired WWE Star Subject Of Major Interest From Many Companies

WWE logo over blurred The Rock Jinder Mahal

One former WWE Champion no longer with the company is set to be a man in demand when his non-compete clause expires.

Cuts returned to the WWE roster in April 2024 with five names believed to have been let go. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful was first to report that Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, Sanga, and former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal had been released from their deals.

Jinder Mahal broke his silence on his release shortly after and indicated he was counting down the 90 days until he could resume his career. And it seems, The Maharaja will be a man in demand.

Ex-WWE Champion Jinder Mahal Sought By Many Promoters

Fightful Select has reported that former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal could have a very heavy independent schedule if he wants it. Several top indie companies are planning to reach out to Mahal for bookings and the interest is said to stretch into Canada and overseas.

Jinder Mahal recently filed a trademark under his real name of Yuvraj Dhesi on the name ‘Raj Dhesi’ indicating that will be his post-WWE name. He also filed a trademark on his nickname of ‘The Maharaja’ so is likely to keep that as part of his presentation.

Many fans will be interested to see if Jinder Mahal ends up in AEW at any point after Tony Khan caused a stir with his comments on the ex-WWE Champion at the beginning of the year.