AEW’s Tony Khan Blasts WWE On Social Media, Jinder Mahal Reacts

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is using social media to attack a WWE booking decision.

As most wrestling fans know that follow the business, Tony Khan is a big proponent of using Twitter/X to promote AEW shows. Tony also tends to have moments where he uses Twitter/X to tweet controversial things and sometimes attacks other wrestling companies as well.

In this instance, Tony Khan took issue with the USA Network Twitter account taking a shot at Khan previously citing the website as a great resource in terms of gauging fan interest in the AEW product. Many people mocked Khan citing that website as a great resource for that sort of thing, which led to jokes on social media.

Before getting into what started this all, the context matters. On the January 8th edition of WWE Raw, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal got into a promo exchange that led to some physicality as well. Later on Raw, it was announced that Rollins would defend the World Title against Mahal, who is a former WWE Champion, but he hasn’t wrestled that often in the last year.

The USA Network Twitter/X asked a sarcastic question about the Cagematch rating of Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal wrestling in NXT over a decade ago. This tweet was posted at 10:08 p.m. ET on Monday and then at 4:35 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Tony Khan fired off two tweets blasting WWE booking and online outrage. According to Khan, there was “online outrage” after FTW Champion Hook said he was coming after the AEW World Title held by Samoa Joe. The first tweet is below.

“A double standard:

@730hook 28-1 career record, on winning streak calls out the Champ, a logical challenge sparks online outrage

Jinder has literally lost every single match he’s in for the past year, immediately gets title shot, where is the rage


This was Tony Khan’s second tweet about it.

“A moral victory for USA is one win more than their World Title challenger Jinder Mahal has in the past 364 days… because it’s been literally a full year since he won a match. You really put AEW in our place getting Jinder Mahal in a big match on your tv show. Do it more often”

Jinder Mahal, who doesn’t tweet much, joined in on the fun on Twitter/X by asking who is Hook? Jinder went on to plug Monday Night Raw as well.

Tony Khan Also Takes Shot At Eric Bischoff

There were also tweets by WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, who hasn’t been shy in terms of criticizing Khan and AEW in the past.

Khan responded to that with an image that called Bischoff a has-been.

Many other people got involved in this whole thing on social media. Dustin Rhodes, who worked for WWE for over 20 years as Goldust, and has been with AEW for five years, was a voice of reason by trying to ask fans to support pro wrestling rather than push tribalism.