Jinder Mahal Breaks Silence After Shock WWE Release

Jinder Mahal Triple H WWE

Cuts have returned to the WWE roster and now former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has broken his silence on being let go for the second time.

In recent weeks, WWE has cut names behind the scenes as the company’s Head of Talent Relations was among those let go. More surprisingly perhaps, a former Warrior Award winner was also released who had been with WWE for almost four decades.

Now, the cuts have returned to the WWE roster with five names believed to have been let go. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has reported that Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, Sanga, and former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal have been released from their deals.

Jinder Mahal Comments After WWE Release

Jinder Mahal has now taken to social media to issue his first comment since the news broke, writing:

I Quit. Maharaja Out [moneybag emoji].

Mahal has also changed his bio to read “Free Agent – 90 Days” in reference to WWE’s standard non-compete clause for released talent. Fightful Select has noted that despite Mahal’s comment, he was indeed released and did not quit WWE.

Jinder Mahal is perhaps the most surprising name on the list given the outpouring of support for the former WWE Champion when he made a bizarre return to television in early 2024. Mahal was the “former WWE Champion” teased to be returning to Raw before The Rock made his return to the company.

That led to Mahal getting a World Heavyweight Championship match with Seth Rollins on Raw and AEW boss Tony Khan caused a storm when he took issue with that decision as Mahal hadn’t won a main roster match in years in the face of the almost constant criticism his company receives.