Ex-WWE Star Doesn’t Think “Vince Saw The Same Thing As Hunter” In Them

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A former WWE star thinks Triple H saw more in them than Vince McMahon ever did.

Tyler Breeze was one of the early success stories of the NXT brand as the selfie stick-carrying catwalk model proved to be a thorn in the side of some of the brand’s most popular stars. Breeze did not claim gold on his time around on the black and gold brand like many of his contemporaries but he was the man picked to have the one and only WWE match of Jushin Thunder Liger’s legendary career at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn in 2015.

Like many stars who move from NXT to the WWE main roster, the move proved to be a difficult one for Tyler Breeze as his presentation changed with Vince McMahon now having the final say on what he did on shows rather than Triple H as it had been in NXT.

Tyler Breeze thinks size worked against him on WWE main roster

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Tyler Breeze explained why he thinks things changed for him in the company and doesn’t think Vince McMahon saw what Triple H saw in him:

“I have an idea (of why I went from the presentation I had in NXT to where I ended up). So I knew once we started kind of got rolling with NXT, we were creating something special and the group of people that we had, and again, at the time, it’s all about time and place and we were at the right place at the time with the right people and luckily, I was prepared enough and given the opportunities at these TakeOvers and these big events to deliver and kind of show what I can do so, once it got to that point in NXT, I knew it was a matter of time before I probably got called up.

“It’s just the nature of the beast and how it goes. You can’t stay in that atmosphere or stay the NXT guy forever. So when I got called up, I kind of had an idea, you know what I mean? It’s not like you’re clueless going into this thing that like, I’m not the biggest so that’s automatically working against you. I was very much a character that you’re either gonna love it or you’re gonna hate it.

“I don’t know if there’s a middle ground and when I came up, I just don’t know if Vince (McMahon) saw the same thing that Hunter did and that’s why he paired me with Summer Rae immediately which I love Summer, she’s great but at the time, I was kind of in the groove of my thing and I was very specific on how I made Tyler Breeze where you didn’t really know if he was heterosexual or — I was right on the fence, you know what I mean?

“But the thing was that he was in love with himself so I didn’t need a tag partner, I didn’t need a manager, I didn’t need a girl, I didn’t need a guy, I didn’t need anything and as soon as they paired me with her, I went, ‘Okay. This is already changing the dynamic of what it was in NXT so we’ll kind of have to see where it goes from here.’

“As the ball started rolling, I just kind of went, okay, I don’t know if he takes this seriously enough or if he thinks I’m too small or whatever it is and it just never really got the same opportunities on a TakeOver or something like that for NXT and just, you know, kind of does what it does where you blend into the pack of people that are there until you kind of get proactive again because you go, man, I’m not getting used here. I should probably think of something. That’s when me and (Dirty) Dango found each other and started doing the Fashion Files and everything else.”

Tyler Breeze returned to NXT towards the end of his run in WWE where he did capture the NXT Tag Team Championship with Fandango. Both men were released by the company on June 25th 2021.

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