“Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want To Walk Away” From WWE Says Eric Bischoff

Vince McMahon stares down Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff believes that if Vince McMahon were to leave WWE, it would be “kicking and screaming” rather than by choice.

Vince McMahon is now Executive Chairman to TKO Group Holdings, the organization created as part of the deal with Endeavor which saw WWE come together with UFC under the same banner. This came after his return to the company in January this year, after he’d stepped away in July 2022 following allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a discussion on Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff spoke on whether Vince McMahon plans to remain with the company, or could walk away given the money he will have made from the deal. The former WCW head honcho believes McMahon will only leave when he’s good and ready to.

I would never bet against Vince McMahon in terms of Vince doing what Vince wants to do. My instinct and a little bit of experience suggests to me that Vince doesn’t want to walk away, this is Vince’s baby. This is a part of Vince’s family. I don’t see him walking from it. Nothing has ever happened in my professional lifetime that suggested to me that Vince wants to do something other than what he’s currently doing.

He doesn’t have hobbies, he doesn’t appear to have much of a social life. He works like a maniac, he lives to work and he works to live. I don’t think Vince could be happy doing anything else other than what he’s doing.

McMahon Will Only Leave “Kicking And Screaming”

Continuing on, Bischoff noted that he doesn’t see Vince McMahon wanting to do anything away from WWE, and would have to be dragged out the door if he did go.

I don’t see him wanting to do anything else. If they’re going to take him out of there, it will be kicking and screaming, it won’t be him saying it’s time to go.

Bischoff also discussed the leadership team now in place for WWE and TKO, noting that other companies would benefit if they had similar people in charge.

If Vince McMahon walked away this afternoon, cashed in his 28 million stocks, whatever he’s got, took his three billion dollars, bought a yacht and floated around the Caribbean for the rest of his life, I do not see it having any adverse impact on WWE, and that’s a credit to Vince. Vince has done such a great job building that organization, surrounding himself with the right people, on the creative side of the business, business side of the business.

Certainly now with Ari Emanuel and Endeavor behind it, the quality of leadership and talent in WWE right now is amazing. I wish a lot of other major companies had the same type of leadership in management.

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