Ex-WWE Star Slams Company In New Interview

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A former WWE Superstar has opened up about their time working for the company.

Back in May, former Divas Champion Alicia Fox confirmed she had left WWE, bringing to an end a run that began back in 2006. At the time, Fox said that she was “p*ssed” about her WWE exit, and it seems she’s still not entirely happy with how the company operates.

Appearing on The Pope’s Point of View podcast with Elijah Burke, Fox said fans’ perception of WWE is influenced by nostalgia while commenting on the “exploited agreement” between the company and performer.

“We are independent contractors. They borrow our bodies,” she said. “More importantly, y’all are wrestlers, either trying to go to the machine or most of us are trying to still run so far away from it. The thing is, is like they’re not the only machine in town and they haven’t been.

So what is the nostalgia about? Because human nature, by its nature, can experience nostalgia for the past. No wonder the wrestling fans are like, ‘Oh my god, wrestling!’ no matter where they are.

As long as that particular company has been doing blackface and our bosses have been doing these characters, it makes sense to me now why they were treating me like this,” she added.

“For me, I didn’t study the history of wrestling going forward. I lived that experience linearly. I did what they told me to do, I drove those hours. I was on a tour bus with my fiancé being driven around. I also wasn’t bringing camera crews in to exploit my friends on an already exploited agreement.”

When Did Alicia Fox Last Wrestle For WWE?

Alicia Fox last wrestled for WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble, competing in the women’s Rumble match. Her most recent singles match came in 2019 and she hadn’t wrestled anything like a full-time schedule since 2018.

Since leaving the company, the star has taken on the name Vix Crow while appearing at Reality of Wrestling events.

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