Alicia Fox Adopts New Ring Name For The First Time In 15 Years

Alicia Fox

When she steps back inside the squared circle, Alicia Fox has confirmed what her new moniker will be.

Having last competed for WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble, with a match against Becky Lynch back in 2019 her last solo outing, Alicia Fox changed her social media handles earlier this year to her real name (Victoria Crawford), indicating that she had left the company having worked there for 17 years.

Earlier this month, Alicia Fox confronted Diamonds Division Champion Promise Braxton at Reality Of Wrestling’s Summer Of Champions event. With a match set to take place between the pair in the future, it has now been confirmed that she will be using the new ring name Vix Crow when that happened, a condensing of her real name.

In a discussion with Muscle Memory, former Divas Champion Fox spoke of the “weird” feeling getting ready to compete in a different environment, whilst also feeling inspired.

It’s a weird transition just because of — I think it’s in my innermost self that’s strangely transitioning because in my mind I’m like, ‘What was the last match I had? Was I good? Did I look like I could perform?’

All these things. But in that particular chapter in my life [with WWE], it wasn’t really expected to get much feedback. So, in this chance, I feel so inspired for many, many reasons.

Continuing on, Fox admitted that she’s excited to “create” in the independent space, whilst figuring out exactly what is going to work.

I feel so inspired that this is an independent sphere. I can create here, and it’s okay. So it makes me, in my innermost self, wonder, ‘Well, what was my problem before and how am I going to fix it going forward?’

Because regardless if it’s the business, … am I going to perform to the best of my ability? I’m going to do my best. So, I need to just get it out of it.

Fox has admitted in the past she was sad that there was no communication from WWE at the time of her release.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.