Former Divas Champion “Sad” Over Miscommunication From WWE – “It’s Not Even Fair”

WWE Divas Championship

A WWE veteran and former Divas Champion lamented over how her exit from the company was managed.

Alicia Fox spent well over a decade employed by WWE, but she wasn’t featured prominently since the beginning of the prior decade when she won the Divas Championship.

After spending many years doing relatively little, Alicia Fox was quietly released by WWE on April 25th of this year. But according to Fox, that departure didn’t include any message of support.

Speaking on Ring The Belle, Fox noted how despondent she felt after getting no acknowledgment for her now-former employer, despite her tenure with them lasting for so long.

“I thought maybe [on] my release date, they would give me a statement of support saying, well, [she’s] gone. No, no nothing. I don’t know. I just felt bad, you know? I felt sad for every miscommunication.”

Fox began her wrestling career in 2006 and has spent almost all of that time under the WWE umbrella. Her first major appearances weren’t as a wrestler, but as a wedding planner for Vickie Guerrero when she was in an on-screen relationship with Edge.

After that storyline ended, Fox began competing and eventually worked her way up to a run as Divas Champion. She held that title for 56 days before losing it to Melina at SummerSlam 2010.

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h/t The Wrestling Observer for the transcription