Ex-WWE Star Threatens Legal Action In Online Rant

WWE Royal Rumble 2015

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback is not a happy man, accusing several social media companies of limiting his reach to fans.

After a spell on the WWE roster as Skip Sheffield, Ryback burst onto the scene in 2012 going on a huge undefeated run that culminated in a WWE Championship match with CM Punk. The star was unsuccessful in that endeavor but he later became Intercontinental Champion in the company although his time in WWE came to an end in 2016 under something of a cloud due to a contract dispute. And now it seems that the star is now in another dispute with social media.

Taking to Twitter, Ryback made clear that he was sending out legal letters to several social media companies to complain about his claims of being shadow banned on various platforms, harming his reach:

“Legal letters going out to all the social media companies today. We have given you every opportunity to do the right thing and this is going to be pursued if not made right. This isn’t a game and is bigger than just me. Shadow ban technology has NO PLACE being used to begin with and is rooted in evil and corruption. @elonmusk you have failed to deliver on what you said you would do and I hope you take this very seriously. @twitter @instagram @meta @youtube @tiktok_us @snapchat @wwe @Endeavor good luck.”

Earlier in 2023, Ryback confirmed that his goal was to one day return to the wrestling ring with his last match coming in 2018, and even named one AEW star he’d love to face off with.