CM Punk & AEW Sign NDAs Following Collision Hold Up


The issues between CM Punk and AEW appear to be resolved following Tony Khan’s big announcement on Dynamite but nobody is likely to ever hear what really happened.

On Dynamite in Las Vegas, Tony Khan put fans out of their misery when he revealed that the debut edition of Collision will take place in Chicago, Illinois on June 17th. That revelation all but confirms that CM Punk is on his way back to the company after a last-minute hitch appeared to put a stop to his return being announced on May 17th.

That hitch was said to center on the role of Ace Steel – the only man fired for their part in the backstage fight at All Out – with Punk apparently wanting Steel at shows while AEW wanted the producer to work remotely and not be present in arenas.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there were non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) involved in the situation between both parties and seemed to confirm that the issue regarding Ace Steel being at shows has been resolved:

“There were a couple of things done. There was some legal stuff that was taken care of. There were NDAs involved in this. I think the key stuff is AEW was protected as far as him showing up for all the dates.

“The decision is, as far as we know, that Ace Steel will be working remotely, he will not be an agent going to the Collision shows, which was what the big thing, you know, that happened last Tuesday was, so that was how that was settled.”

Whether CM Punk will be officially announced as returning to the company before June 17th remains to be seen but the debut episode of Collision is sure to be must-see TV for the returning former AEW World Champion.

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