Ex-WWE Star High On Acid During Iconic Segment

WWE Corporate Ministry

“Anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation” as Vince McMahon used to say as one ex-WWE star found out when he went to the ring high on acid.

Back in the Attitude Era, things made WWE television that definitely wouldn’t in modern times. One of those moments happened on the 26th of April 1999 after The Undertaker had abducted Stephanie McMahon and then attempted to marry her against her will in the middle of the ring.

The Undertaker was ably assisted in his quest to make McMahon his dark bride by his minions in the Ministry of Darkness. One of those minions was Mideon who appeared on Road Dogg’s [Brian James] Oh You Didn’t Know podcast where he revealed he was high on acid throughout the infamous segment:

“So we’re in the back. And Brian was going, him and Tracy were fighting about something. And he throws his phone like towards the wall like he did all the time old phones were indestructible. And I literally stuck my hand out and caught it. And he grabbed it out of my hand and throws it on the ground.

“And then we had these sweet tarts that had LSD dropped on them yeah, of course we did. Brian was so mad. He wasn’t working or something that he starts taking them. And another one and another. I’m like Brian, stop. He goes, if you want me to stop you better take them then, and I was like, f*ck, so I’m like, okay.

“We’re doing the Minsistry thing and all we’re doing is carrying Stephanie McMahon, I don’t know if you have heard of it. And before this we walk through it and boom and then Stone Cold is gonna hit the ring. We’re all gonna powder. Who’s gonna hit Taker boom, they’re gone. I’m like, Okay, I could probably handle this because I didn’t want him to take like 10 hits of acid. And so I took my boom hits and I’m like, okay, so we go out there and then I’m like I thought we’re gonna carry her out to the ring, get out of there and no problem.

“So Vince walks us all through and Austin goes we’re you know, what would be cool is if I hit the ring, I knock the other guys everybody takes the powder. You and me trade boom. And then I go to Taker, he peels off outside, you spin around. I go at you again. I hit you with a chair. You go down, I stun you blah blah blah and it’s just starting to kick in. And I’m like, okay. So I did the Stephanie McMahon marriage to Undertaker, headful of acid and didn’t miss a beat.”

Did Stephanie McMahon Get Married On WWE TV?

Stephanie McMahon avoided becoming The Undertaker’s wife live on WWE television in April 1999 thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s intervention. However, she did end up married to Triple H – at least in storyline – in arguably even more bizarre circumstances.

In November 1999 – just seven months after The Undertaker had abducted her – Triple H revealed he had married Stephanie McMahon after drugging her and taking her to a drive-thru wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

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