AEW Star “Could Have Stayed” In WWE If Triple H Had Been In Charge

Triple H WWE

If Triple H had taken the reigns of WWE earlier, one current AEW star might not have made the move.

Matt Hardy returned to WWE in 2017 alongside his brother Jeff in 2017 after seven years away from the promotion. During their run, the pair went on to win both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Meanwhile, in singles competition, Matt revived his ‘Broken’ character with a slight twist to be ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy to feud and then team with Bray Wyatt.

In March 2020, Matt announced that he had once again parted ways with the promotion and later that month joined All Elite Wrestling.

In a new interview with Daily Mail Online, Hardy explained that by that point, Vince McMahon wanted him to transition away from wrestling and into a backstage role, something he wasn’t ready for.

“Yeah, well, I think Vince had already made up his mind.

“He wanted me to make the transition into being a producer and that’s where he saw me at.

“So, I knew as long as he was in charge he’s ultimately going to get you there, because that’s just how this is.

“If Vince sees you in a certain light or certain way, and that’s where he wants he’s gonna get you there.”

Since Triple H took over the creative direction of WWE during Vince McMahon‘s brief retirement, he has been praised for turning things around for the promotion when it comes to the TV product.

Hardy admits that, if The Game had been in charge in 2020, he could have ended up staying, although he still believes he made the right call to join AEW.

“If it would have been the era where Triple H was in charge, I could have ended up staying then, maybe.

“But it was the right call for me to leave and step out to AEW.”