Ex-WWE Referee Claims Cody Rhodes Should Have Been DQ’d At SummerSlam

Cody Rhodes WWE Brock Lesnar.

Cody Rhodes should have lost his match at SummerSlam according to a former WWE Official.

At SummerSlam, Rhodes would decisively end his rivalry with Brock Lesnar, pinning The Beast after hitting multiple Cross Rhodes.

While the finish of the match left no doubt who the victor was, one spot earlier in the match had fans questioning the rules of WWE. As seen during a ringside brawl, Rhodes would strike Lesnar with the top half of the steel steps in full view of the referee. The official let the match resume, ignoring the blatant weapon spot in the match where disqualifications could occur.

Veteran wrestling referee Jimmy Korderas gave his perspective on the use of the steps while appearing on Busted Open Radio. Korderas stated what the rules are in regard to using the steps in a match, and revealed that Rhodes should have lost the final encounter:

“You can throw them into the stairs and that’s not a disqualification… but he picked up the top half of the stairs and he ran it into Brock. Technically speaking, that should have been a disqualification. I get the argument about letting things fly because of the magnitude of the match, but at the same time, I think it should have been a DQ. I understand that specifically with big matches such as this one –- but at the same time, you have to cover up for the referee and not put the heat on the ref. When you let that slide, the heat goes onto the referee for letting it go.”

What Happened After Cody Rhodes Beat Brock Lesnar At WWE SummerSlam?

In an unscripted display of respect, Brock Lesnar would shake the hand of Rhodes, respecting The American Nightmare as the better competitor. Prior to the handshake taking place, Rhodes initially thought that Lesnar would start throwing punches.

Rhodes would also describe what it is like to be victorious over The Beast, describing the victory as one of the top moments in his career.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.