Cody Rhodes Calls Beating Brock Lesnar “A Top Moment In My Life”

cody rhodes brock lesnar handshake wwe

Cody Rhodes is reflecting on his big SummerSlam win over Brock Lesnar by calling it not just a big moment in his WWE career, but his life too.

At WWE SummerSlam on Saturday night in Detroit, one of the most anticipated matches on the card was the third matchup between Cody Rhodes and former WWE & Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

The story going in was that Cody won at Backlash, Lesnar won three weeks later at Night of Champions and the SummerSlam match was the grudge match. Most people expected Cody to win, but until it happens, you never really know.

Lesnar dominated the early part of the match with suplexes all over the ring and even F5’s outside the ring too. Cody kept coming back and won with the Cross Rhodes three times in a row. After the match, Lesnar did an unscripted hug, handshake and raising of the arm of his opponent to “put over” Cody in a big way.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cody Rhodes spoke about how beating Brock Lesnar at an event like SummerSlam is a huge deal just like winning the Royal Rumble.

“I have been so consistently surprised that I can’t get used to these moments. First I won the Royal Rumble. Now I beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam? They’re once-in-a-lifetime moments in a once-in-a-lifetime run. This is my mega run, and the journey has been incredible. This is a top moment in my career, and it’s also a top moment in my life.”

Cody Rhodes Describe What It’s Like Wrestling Brock Lesnar

It’s not easy wrestling a man as powerful as Brock Lesnar, so Cody did his best to describe it.

“Brock hits like a Mack truck. I feel pretty rough. There was one point where I shot a double leg, and the next thing I knew, I was up in the air. Getting thrown around by Brock is like going for a ride on a roller coaster. There is no one like him. He’s a rare athlete. Plenty is gifted by God, but I know he had his strength and conditioning coach with him.”

“He’s back home farming, but he was also preparing. This is what he loves. I don’t talk to him, and we don’t know each other like that, but I get a sense that’s the type of passion he has. He makes this a heavyweight company, but he’s also agile. It gives me even more motivation to go to the gym every day.”

As for what’s next, Cody Rhodes will be appearing on tonight’s Raw while Lesnar is expected to be on a break until his next match in a few months.