Controversial Ex-WWE Executive Accused Of Trapping Woman In Bathroom

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The culture in WWE is under the microscope like never before given the allegations made against Vince McMahon but now another former executive is under fire.

Vince McMahon has been accused of serious sexual assault and sex trafficking in a bombshell lawsuit. As a result, Vince McMahon was told to resign from TKO by his bosses at Endeavor and his time in the wrestling business now appears to be at a permanent end.

However, it is not just McMahon in the spotlight as the culture at the top of WWE is being examined with many wondering how many people knew of and took part in troubling behaviour.

Former WWE star Nick Dinsmore – known to WWE fans as Eugene – revealed on his Eugene Behind The Scenes show an unsettling story that alleges former Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano followed his future wife into a woman’s bathroom to make a pass at her:

There was a specific WWE talent that was wrestling at one of the OVW shows – the Six Flags Super Summer Sizzler Series. After the show, we went out to eat at a LongHorn and the LongHorn had closed so there was nobody else in there but they kept it open so we could continue to eat and have a good time.

Now the WWE talent that were working on the show that night were being handled by Mark Carrano. If you remember Mark Carrano he got fired maybe a couple of years ago but I remember a small sliver of pro wrestling news coming out that he had some kind of dirt on somebody. But it never really went anywhere. So I think right there is he involved in this somehow? How far back does this go?

[…] We’re at the LongHorn, the woman that would become my wife had to go to the bathroom, she goes to the bathroom. All night Carrano had been [saying] how pretty she is, oh you’re so beautiful, oh my God. I liked the guy before this but he was kind of a weird, creepy guy.

She goes to the bathroom, the next thing I know I couldn’t find Carrano. I go and try and open the women’s bathroom door and he’s holding it shut from the inside, foot against the door. She was on the other side of the bathroom so he couldn’t reach her, arms stretched out, kiss me, kiss me, and finally, I pushed my way in and he slithered his little way out. In that moment I didn’t realise how much that affected the girl I was with. How that really upset her and put her in an awkward position.

She felt like she had PTSD because she would go in bathrooms later on and then all of a sudden is she gonna get encroached upon by some creepy guy? I didn’t understand in that moment how much it affected her and that was just me because we’re all having a good time and he went right out and she didn’t express it at the time. Or I probably would have gotten a little more upset at Carrano right there in the LongHorn.

WWE HR Told Of Mark Carrano Allegation

Dinsmore then confirmed he told WWE HR the story of what Carrano did during his meeting to be released by the company in 2015:

When I was released as a coach in 2015 in Orlando at the Performance Center. The night before I got released one of the talent called me, messaged me, text me and said I don’t know if this is real or not but the guy from the office that does the hiring and firing is gonna be there tomorrow and I think you’re gonna get let go.

So I get in the meeting where I know I’m getting let go and I told them right there because the HR woman was on speakerphone and I told that story to the guy that was firing me right there and he’s like – there wasn’t really anything he said but I know HR heard it. Was that ever addressed? No, I doubt it. Was that the kinda stuff that was going on inside that office?

Mark Carrano was fired by WWE in 2021 after it emerged publicly that WWE stars released by the company had their belongings returned to them in trash bags.

With the culture in WWE under the spotlight, Stephanie McMahon is now accused of knowing of an alleged rape of a former WWE star that the company is believed to have tried to keep under wraps.

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