Friend Of Ashley Massaro Claims Stephanie McMahon Knew Of Alleged Assault

Ashley Massaro

Stephanie McMahon was aware of the alleged assault of Ashley Massaro.

TRIGGER WARNING: Article contains descriptions and discussion of sexual assault.

In a sworn affidavit released by her lawyer in 2019, Ashley Massaro alleged that she was raped by someone representing himself as a United States Army doctor during a WWE tour of Kuwait in 2006.

Massaro stated that WWE management was made aware of the alleged incident but she was told not to talk about it to preserve the company’s relationship with the military. WWE denied this was the case.

In recent weeks new claims have contradicted WWE’s denials, with a lawyer for John Laurinaitis stating that his client, Vince McMahon, and other management knew of the incident.

Speaking to News Nation, Cara Pipia, who was a friend of Massaro’s, claimed that Stephanie McMahon was also aware of the alleged assault. Pipia said that Massaro was “threatened” adding there was no sympathy or compassion.

“She spoke with Vince McMahon many times. Vince had his daughter [Stephanie] take his place because she was a female, a woman, and to make Ashley comfortable. And they just played with her. They played with her because everything that Stephanie said made her feel comfortable. Safe. As soon as they walked into this board room meeting, Ashley was on her own completely. And she was threatened, and there was no… there was no compassion. There was no sympathy. There was nothing.”

Ashley Massaro Made Several Claims Regarding Vince McMahon

A previously unreleased statement also recently came to light in which Ashley Massaro alleged that Vince McMahon “sexually preyed” on female stars and if rejected, gave them bad scripts in an effort to “destroy their reputations.”

In the statement, Massaro said she saw McMahon “making out” with female talents in the locker room, but he initially didn’t pay her any attention. However, this changed after her shoot with Playboy, and McMahon tried to get Massaro alone with him, something that made her “extraordinarily uncomfortable.”

The statement alleges that McMahon was “known for this type of behaviour” and had done it to another former WWE Diva.

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