Ex-AEW Star Reflects On Being Hit In The Crotch By “Maniac” Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson laughing on the ringpost

A former AEW star has told the hilarious story of Bryan Danielson hitting him in the crotch.

After joining AEW in 2021, Danielson quickly became seen as a locker room leader in the company. Despite that status, his competitiveness has seemingly got him into some interesting situations.

One man who saw the “jokester” in Danielson come out on more than one occasion was recently released star Fuego Del Sol.

After praising The American Dragon as the best in the world, he went on to reveal the star’s personality behind the scenes.

“The GOAT, for my money, the best wrestler in the world, to this day, Bryan Danielson.

“Here’s a good story about Bryan Danielson. People don’t know, he is portrayed so humbly on social media and online, but the more he’s in AEW, the more stories come out about the jokester that this man is. He’s constantly trying to crack jokes. Some people call him a bully, I wouldn’t go that far, but he likes to keep the locker room interesting, he’s a maniac.”

Del Sol went on to reveal how Danielson’s competitive nature led to him being hit in the crotch.

“I remember this hilarious story where him and PAC were having a pistol squat competition, who has the deepest and best pistol squat between him and PAC. Out of nowhere, I walk into the hallway, they’re both in pistol squat position, and he asked me who had the better pistol squat. I couldn’t lie. I said it was PAC. [Danielson] proceeded to throw something at my crotch. It hurt very bad. It’s just one of the hilarious stories from Bryan Danielson.

“He was always very forthcoming” – Fuego Del Sol on learning from Bryan Danielson

Del Sol also used to learn from Danielson and William Regal – before his departure from AEW in January 2023 – wherever possible and says it was a valuable experience for him and others.

“Him and William Regal would help train Jade Cargill in the ring before shows, and me and Wheeler Yuta, Jade and others would get to work with Danielson. He was always very forthcoming with techniques and information about wrestling.

“I just wanted to soak up as much knowledge as I could. Not only is he an incredible wrestler, he’s an incredible jokester, locker room legend, Bryan Danielson.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.