AEW Star Admits Being “Complacent” After Bryan Danielson Feud

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Being put in the middle of Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson led to complacency for Daniel Garcia in AEW.

Daniel Garcia was between a rock and a hard place in AEW as he had to choose between being a pro wrestler under the tutelage of Bryan Danielson or being a sports entertainer under the wing of Chris Jericho in The Jericho Appreciation Society.

Ultimately Garcia chose to side with Jericho which led to a series of matches between Garcia and Danielson which ended with The American Dragon winning a two-out-of-three falls bout on the 17th of August 2022 edition of Dynamite.

Daniel Garcia “took a couple of steps backward” in AEW after Bryan Danielson feud

Following that feud, Garcia settled into his role with the rest of the JAS but didn’t participate in any stand-out feuds of his own and peaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Garcia may have explained why noting that he felt complacent after feuding with Danielson before buying into his own dancing character and becoming more popular than ever:

“The storyline with Bryan happened where I was battling between being a pro wrestler and a sports entertainer. I got put back into the Jericho group.

“A lot of people were mad about that. When I got put back into the group, I felt like I was kind of complacent. I felt I took a couple of steps backward after the Bryan storyline. That’s when I decided I was going to go all the way with this. I’m going to change my gear, I’m going to put on these stupid leather pants, I’m going to change my theme song, I’m going to start dancing in the ring. I’m going to start doing all these things.

“When something is not working, I feel like you have to start making changes. That was a big deal for me when I started to buy into my own character rather than reject it.”

Although Daniel Garcia and the rest of the JAS separated from Chris Jericho, the group is still aligned albeit fractiously with Daddy Magic Matt Menard taking exception to Garcia’s dancing.

Menard, Garcia, and Angelo Parker challenged Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed for the AEW Trios Championship at Battle of the Belts VIII but failed to dethrone the champions.

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