Eric Bischoff Reacts To WWE Raw’s Possible Shock Move

Eric Bischoff WWE Hall of Fame

Eric Bischoff believes that a rumoured WWE deal could be a huge positive.

After WWE secured new deals for SmackDown and NXT, all attention has now turned to the red brand. In fact, Triple H recently missed Raw to join Nick Khan at the negotiating table in Los Angeles. There’s been plenty of speculation and very little concrete information around a potential deal, with one recent rumour suggesting that Amazon could be Raw’s new home.

During an episode of Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff gave his thoughts on the situation and explained why a deal with Amazon could be a huge boost for WWE long term.

“Let’s say they exceed their goals by 10%. That’s good, yay, rah-rah, it was a good decision, but maybe not think too much about expanding unless you have information and research that tells you otherwise,” Bischoff said. “That deal will probably be what that deal is and not change much, if it changed at all in the future.

But let’s say that same scenario comes along, and Amazon’s got ‘Raw,’ it’s kind of a test flight, for lack of a better term, and they have a certain expectation at the end of that contract, and let’s say they blow by that by I don’t know, 75, 80, 90%. And they’ve also learned about all of the ancillary revenue opportunities that come with something like WWE… That’s when you might see a bigger play.”

Eric Bischoff Clashes With AEW Boss Tony Khan

Eric Bischoff was recently back in the news after going toe-to-toe with Tony Khan on social media. The latest crossed words between the pair came after Khan replied to a sarcastic post on X from the USA Network account which took a dig at the AEW boss. After Khan hit back, Bischoff went on to call him a clown.

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