Eric Bischoff Names “Critical Flaw” Regarding WCW-WWE Invasion Story

Eric Bischoff

With the WCW invasion of WWE not lasting particularly long, Eric Bischoff has named a key factor as to why it didn’t have success it could have.

Whilst the purchase of WCW by WWE effectively ended the war which had been going on for many years, it didn’t mean that the on-screen rivalry wouldn’t continue. WCW gradually started showing up on WWE programming, leading to the eventual Survivor Series match between the two brands, with the added element of ECW stars thrown in.

In a discussion on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff has laid down the key element which meant original WCW fans didn’t want to tune in to the product’s new home.

You’ve got your core WCW talent. Luger, The Steiner Brothers, so many you could just run down the top 15 people at the top of the roster. All of those people represented the WCW brand, myself included, to a lesser extent. They didn’t have any of those people. So, you’ve got the brand, and if there was a critical flaw, it would be assuming that just because you had the three letters, WCW, that the audience would follow, and the audience is not gonna follow. Obviously, they didn’t follow because they didn’t have the talent that represented the brand so that the audience could relate to it.

One of WCW’s top stars who didn’t make the move during the Invasion angle was Sting, although he did eventually spend a short time with WWE. With talk that ‘The Icon’ is set to retire later this year, Eric Bischoff recently discussed when he feels Sting should step away from the ring.

If using this quote, please credit 83 Weeks with h/t to TJR Wrestling.