Eric Bischoff Explains When He’d Like Sting To Retire


Sting has been one of the top stars in the wrestling business for well over thirty years but as the star himself has repeatedly noted, showtime is almost over for him.

Sting joined AEW in shocking fashion at the end of 2020, adding one last chapter to his illustrious career. The former WCW World Champion is undefeated in AEW but all of his matches have been tag team affairs as he formed a successful alliance with Darby Allin.

Rumors have run rampant that Sting could call time on his career at All In as it will be AEW’s biggest show to date and could well be the company’s biggest show for years to come with over 66,000 tickets already sold before a single match is announced. However, the man himself has recently distanced himself from that idea.

Speaking on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff noted that he hopes Sting does call it a day at All In since it will give him the biggest send-off he’s ever likely to be able to get:

“No, I don’t think we will [have his last match in 2023] ’cause I think Tony [Khan] will convince Sting to stick a little longer if that’s what Tony wants, and I understand that. Personally, I’d like to see Sting retire because first of all, he’s gonna be [in front of] 65, 70,000 people. If you’re gonna put a period at the end of the last sentence in the last chapter of your career, go out big.”

Recently Booker T gave his take on Sting’s retirement, naming another major AEW star as the perfect opponent for when The Icon decides to hang up his baseball bat for good.

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