Booker T Calls Top AEW Star “The Perfect Guy” For Sting’s Retirement Match

Sting making entrance holding bat

Booker T explained why he believes one top AEW star is the best man for Sting’s eventual retirement match.

After decades in the world of professional wrestling, Sting has made it clear that his in-ring days are numbered. The 64 year-old hasn’t disclosed when he plans to retire, but fellow WWE Hall of Famer Booker T believes Chris Jericho would be the perfect opponent for The Icon’s final match.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker had this to say when asked for his thoughts on Jericho as a potential retirement opponent:

“If it was a match to go out on, the guy to actually do it with, you couldn’t find a better guy than Chris Jericho. He knows Chris can go out there and take him to that place that he wants to go and take him to that place to where he’s seen a certain way, especially in his last match. I think if anybody can do that and get that done, it would be Jericho.”

“I’m sure one of the younger guys on that roster can go out there and get it done just as well, but I think if I had to trust someone to actually really get that job done, me in my final match, that final curtain call, the guy to do it with is Chris Jericho.”

Booker called on his own in-ring experience with Jericho to back up his claims, calling him the “ultimate professional.”

“If I had to have one dance partner to finish my career off with, the guy was going to go out there and do everything right for that match, you couldn’t pick a better guy than Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho and I had several matches throughout my career and I’ll tell you, there was not a guy that I could trust more than Chris Jericho to go out there and work solely for that match and the fans only.

“He never was a guy who, I think still to this day, goes out there and does it for self-gratification or anything like that. Chris has always been the ultimate professional as far as going out there and making those fans feel a certain way about what they’re watching. I think Chris would be the perfect guy to do it with Sting if that’s his swan song, his curtain call, and go out there and get it done right.”

While speculation has run rampant that Sting may have his final match inside Wembley Stadium at All In, the man himself says he doesn’t see that happening. In the past, he’s made it clear that he wants Darby Allin to be involved in his final bout in one way or another.

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