Eric Bischoff Calls Troubled WWE Hall Of Famer A “Magic, Magic Guy”

Eric Bischoff at WWE Hall of Fame

Eric Bischoff says that despite his demons, one late WWE Hall of Famer was a “magic, magic guy.”

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall’s life was a turbulent one, and the star sadly passed away in March of 2022.

Speaking on a recent episode of 83 Weeks, former WCW President Eric Bischoff opened up about working with Hall, first saying that the former Razor Ramon was extremely cool even when he wasn’t trying to be.

“I was going through social media a couple of days ago, and somebody sent me a photo of Curt Hennig and Scott Hall back in the AWA. He was cool back then. I think he came out of the shoot. Cool. I don’t know if there was ever a time in Scott Hall’s life where he wasn’t kind of, and it was not like he was always trying to be. He just was. He just had such an instinct and look in the way he carried himself.”

Eric Bischoff Says Scott Hall Was “Almost Perfect” When He Was In His Right Mind

Continuing, Bischoff said he believes that had Hall not gone through tragic circumstances that led to his demons, he would have had an even greater influence on the wrestling business due to his instinct and creativity.

“And it’s really unfortunate. Obviously, it’s unfortunate. Cost him his life. But the demons that got ahold of Scott as we’re watching him here and prior, I mean, this wasn’t new. The situation that Scott was in here was something that had been building up and developing for a long, long time. Wow. And here we’re making fun of it.

“Had that not been the case, had Scott not had the demons, he had not even gone into why he had them because I understand it. People didn’t know Scott’s story and his history and some of the things that happened in Scott’s life before professional wrestling know what I’m talking about.

“But had that not happened? Scott Hall was not only cool as shit. Not only did he have an amazing instinct. Beyond his knowledge, he had an instinct. It understood what worked and how to create that emotion and how to get over it. And it’s timing.

“Everything about Scott was almost perfect when he was in his right mind. But his creative instincts and what he could do and could have done what he did for Sting. Steve Borden with the Crowe character Scott Hall. That wasn’t Eric Bischoff; that wasn’t Steve Borden. That wasn’t Kevin Sullivan. That wasn’t anybody. It was Scott Hall who created that character. And he did it effortlessly.

“He had a major influence on the product that we’re seeing today, whether it’s a WWE or anywhere else, because he was one of a kind. One of a kind that can not only do it, but he could teach it and inspire others and get people over whether he was involved in the ring with them or not. He was. He was a magic, magic guy.”

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