Edge Removal From WWE Roster Seen As “Premature” Move

Adam Copeland

On this day, we see clearly that there is more to the story about Edge’s potential future in WWE or possibly moving on to something else.

The last time Edge wrestled in a WWE ring was on the August 18th edition of Smackdown in his hometown of Toronto. That was a match that saw the WWE Hall of Famer pick up a win in a hard-fought battle against Sheamus in a first-time-ever matchup.

There was a story earlier in the week about how Edge (real name Adam Copeland) was removed from WWE’s internal roster. However, there was a backtrack to that while noting that Edge was added back, but not as an active TV performer.

Instead, Edge was placed with “miscellaneous” talent for personalities signed but not working actively on either TV series. Others on that list currently include Steve Austin, Big E, Undertaker, Titus O’Neill and Braun Strowman. In Strowman’s case, he’s out of action after major neck surgery while it’s not known if Big E will ever wrestle again.

Moving Edge onto a different list in WWE was considered a “premature” move

There is more information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer.

“Edge was removed from the active roster and then put back on. We were told that pulling him from the roster page was premature, since he is still under contract. As he had noted, he has no more matches left on his contract which expires this month. As far as what happens, that remains to be seen.”

There have been rumors that Edge might sign with All Elite Wrestling so he can have matches there. His best friend Christian Cage is in AEW along with their greatest tag team rivals, Matt & Jeff Hardy. In addition to that, Edge is very close friends with AEW Tag Team Champions FTR, so having Edge and Christian face FTR would be a dream match for a lot of fans, including those wrestlers.

For his part, Edge hasn’t said much other than releasing a video on Twitter about a week after his last match against Sheamus. At the time, Edge said he had a WWE deal he could sign to stay as an active competitor, but he also may retire since he’ll turn 50 years old in October. Of course, going to AEW is an option as well.