Edge And WWE Reportedly “Not Close” On Money During Contract Talks

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The future of Edge and WWE remains a big question as a new report suggests that they remain far apart during talks of a new deal.

Over the last month, there have been a lot of reports about the wrestling future of WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who turns 50 years old next month.

On the August 18th edition of Smackdown, Edge participated in his last match under contract to WWE. It was an emotional, physical battle between Edge and Sheamus that went nearly 20 minutes as Edge defeated one of his best friends in WWE in a first-time-ever matchup.

Since then, there have been all kinds of rumors that Edge might sign with All Elite Wrestling to wrestle some different people there. His best friend Christian Cage is in AEW along with their greatest tag team rivals, Matt & Jeff Hardy. Edge is also very close friends with AEW Tag Team Champions FTR, so having Edge and Christian face FTR would be a dream match for a lot of fans, including those wrestlers.

There was another report this week noting that Edge was removed from some WWE internal roster list, but that move was seen as premature and he was placed on a list with other inactive WWE superstars.

A new report suggests claims WWE and Edge aren’t close when it comes to money

After rumors of his possible WWE departure, Edge claimed that “there was nothing going on” regarding a possible move while adding that he had a WWE contract offered to him.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that Edge, just like Drew McIntyre, is far apart on money talks with WWE.

“It’s the same thing with Edge and McIntyre. Not that those deals are dead in WWE, but they’re not close on money. And that’s where it stands.”

“It’s not like somebody, you know, whatever these people ask for. It’s not like it’s a rubber stamp even though WWE is loaded with money. Tony’s running a business. WWE is running a business. They have an idea of a salary scale. WWE can afford anything and anyone, but they’re not.”

“They have a mental salary scale of what people in certain positions get. And some of the guys want more or think that they deserve something commensurate to people that the company thinks are higher level and they think they’re at the same level of. So that’s kind of the situation. And it goes again on both sides.”

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