Drew McIntyre Video Posted By WWE Despite Abrupt Exit

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre might have quit WWE but the company has continued to tell the story of his disastrous homecoming at Clash at the Castle.

At WWE Clash at the Castle Damian Priest shattered Drew McIntyre’s dreams by retaining his World Heavyweight Title in Glasgow, Scotland. However, that is far from telling the whole story.

As the match reached its climax the referee was taken out and with McIntyre pinning Priest a new official entered the fray but it turned out that was CM Punk. Punk stopped the count for McIntyre after two before kicking the Scottish Warrior below the belt and allowing Priest to hit his South of Heaven chokeslam for the win.

Following yet another screwjob perpetrated against him, Drew McIntyre sensationally quit WWE live on Raw seemingly having had enough following the crowd showing their support for CM Punk.

Despite his apparent exit from the company, WWE has posted a video on YouTube featuring Drew McIntyre’s heartbreaking return to Scotland and the fallout from immediately after the match.

Drew McIntyre Signed New WWE Deal

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about McIntyre’s real status with the company, WWE posting the video should indicate that he is very much still a WWE Superstar.

Drew McIntyre did almost reach the end of his deal with the company but it was The Rock who revealed that McIntyre had re-signed with WWE after he presented the star with a unique gift to celebrate.