Drew McIntyre Quits WWE

Drew McIntyre WWE

Drew McIntyre has had enough after being screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship in Scotland as he sensationally quit WWE on Raw.

At WWE Clash at the Castle Damian Priest shattered Drew McIntyre’s dreams by retaining his World Heavyweight Title in Glasgow, Scotland. However, that is far from telling the whole story.

As the match reached its climax the referee was taken out and with McIntyre pinning Priest a new official entered the fray but it turned out that was CM Punk. Punk stopped the count for McIntyre after two before kicking the Scottish Warrior below the belt and allowing Priest to hit his South of Heaven chokeslam for the win.

This is now the second time McIntyre has been screwed out of gold in the UK after The Bloodline interfered to stop him from defeating Roman Reigns in Wales in 2022. He also had his WrestleMania moment stolen from him after Priest cashed in his Money In The Bank contract to win the title minutes after McIntyre had defeated Seth Rollins for it – again with a big assist to CM Punk. And it seems enough is enough for Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre Walks Out Of WWE

On Raw in Corpus Christi, Texas, Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring to seemingly cut a typical WWE promo but that all changed when he mentioned CM Punk’s name. As the crowd chanted for Punk, McIntyre cut a forlorn figure as he noted “I can’t do this anymore, screw this company. I quit.”

McIntyre calmly walked away as Raw General Manager Adam Pearce appeared to try and reason with the star. McIntyre confronted Triple H in the Gorilla position on his way out of the arena and has since deleted all of his social media.

The reality is despite coming perilously close to the end of his last WWE deal, Drew McIntyre re-signed with the company meaning that he will be with them for the next few years at least.