Drew McIntyre Sends Ominous Warning To CM Punk

Drew McIntyre & CM Punk split

Drew McIntyre is reserving judgement on CM Punk.

The wrestling world was stunned when CM Punk walked out to a monster reaction at Survivor Series to finally make his return to WWE. While Punk’s return was kept a secret from most, those competing in the main event were told that CM Punk would be appearing to close the show.

However, not everyone was overjoyed to see the star back in the fold. While Rollins screamed at Punk from the ring, Drew McIntyre had already made his exit, sparking speculation that there’s real-life tension between the pair.

Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, McIntyre did little to dampen the speculation, instead choosing to send a warning to his rival.

“When it comes to Punk, I obviously recognize he is big for business,” he began. “He is a huge name. He draws a lot of eyeballs, and that’s very clear when you just look at the numbers. I’m a bigger-picture person. I tend to use that criminology degree and look at beyond all reasonable doubt. Look at the evidence.

I’m not going to go into great details right now because now’s not the time, but what I said on Raw is there are so few people on the current roster that have been on the same roster as him for years and years and years.

I signed when I was 22; I was actually 21 when I signed, but I was on television when I was 22 in 2007. I spent years, I was around the person, I know the person. I know what he’s truly like. I’m aware it’s cool and does numbers. That’s awesome for right now, but I’m gonna wait and see right now because I can’t control who gets signed and who doesn’t get signed.

I’ve got stories; I’m going to keep them to myself, and in the future, if we cross paths, I ain’t the same guy as I was in 2010. I’m a lot bigger, smarter, more experienced, and I’ll drop arse.”

Drew McIntyre Set For Huge World Title Match

As tension with CM Punk simmers, Drew McIntyre is set to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. On the December 11th episode of Raw, McIntyre told Punk he wasn’t interested in his story, and that he didn’t care about Cody Rhodes either, instead, he’ll face Seth Rollins for the World Championship on January 1st.

McIntyre’s most recent bid for World Title glory ended in defeat at the hands of Rollins at Crown Jewel.

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