Major WWE Star Denies They Knew CM Punk Was Returning

cm punk wwe survivor series 2023

CM Punk’s WWE return really was a surprise.

WWE and CM Punk shocked the world on November 25th when the former AEW star walked out at Survivor Series to be greeted like a returning hero. Although there had been months of speculation around Punk, his return was kept a secret, and news of his comeback didn’t break ahead of the stunning moment Cult of Personality hit — something unheard of in the social media era.

Speaking after the event, Triple H revealed that the deal between Punk and the company came together quickly and was a closely guarded secret. With regard to those involved in the Survivor Series main event, it was reported that those WWE Superstars were told in advance that CM Punk would be appearing.

However, in a new interview with Jimmy Traina for Sports Illustrated, Seth Rollins has given a different version of events. When asked when he found out Punk was coming back, Rollins said only when his music hit.

“When I heard his music at Survivor Series. When I heard his music.”

Traina then asked whether this annoyed him, and Rollins said that it did, describing his explosive reaction as “raw, real, emotional.”

“Yes. Upon reflection, it’s easy to understand why something like that would be kept as close to the vest as possible. I understand why very few people knew what was going on that day, but in the moment I was extremely emotional. In the moment, after everything we had been through, and everything the company had been through with that particular person as well, and then the night itself, Randy’s return, all of it, it was a very emotional moment for me.

Obviously, if you have any amount of social media, you saw how I reacted in the moment. It was a very raw, real, emotional response for me. Did I go too far? Maybe. It was what it was. I can’t take it back.”

Seth Rollins Hits Out At “Fraud” CM Punk

During the interview, Seth Rollins held nothing back when giving his thoughts on CM Punk. Rollins blasted Punk for talking down to him, calling him “selfish” and a “fraud” among other things.

It’s been reported that the pair are set to clash in the ring in the not-too-distant future.

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