Drew McIntyre Admits Common WWE Practice Is Stupid

Drew McIntyre WWE

Drew McIntyre has explained one thing common in WWE that he believes to be completely stupid.

The March 25th episode of Raw was one of the wildest nights in recent WWE history with chaos reigning supreme. The show opened with Cody Rhodes being confronted by The Rock, who whispered a warning that came back into play as the show went off the air. With the episode about to end, Rock brutally assaulted Rhodes backstage leaving him a bloodied mess in the rain outside of the area.

Meanwhile, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Drew McIntyre came face to face in another emotionally charged segment. Amid the verbal sparring, CM Punk referenced Jim Cornette and dared McIntyre to mention disgraced former WWE boss Vince McMahon. McIntyre had hilariously perched himself on the announce desk with his legs crossed, leaving Rollins and Punk to trade insults in the ring.

Drew McIntyre Lifts Lid On Magic Of WWE Raw Segment

Speaking on Torg & Elliott, Drew McIntyre gave some more insight into the headline-grabbing segment and seemingly took aim at a previous WWE practice of having everything written down word-for-word for its talents:

This week, a lot of stuff, if you watch that interview with myself, CM Punk, and Seth Rollins, I’m sure you could feel the tension.

Basically, the whole thing, if it felt uncomfortable, it’s because there was an outline and it’s three guys going out there who may not like each other and may have personal feelings, but also are good at their job and we go out there and tear into each other verbally without it on a piece of paper because it’s stupid writing everything down to deliver it to a live audience.

Drew McIntyre has hinted at other creative frustrations with Vince McMahon in the past. McMahon was widely seen as the reason that WWE promos became scripted entirely for its talents over the years.

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