The Rock Bloodies Cody Rhodes On WWE Raw

The Rock Cody Rhodes WWE Raw

The Rock is back in WWE and has been raising laughs in recent weeks with his wild promos but things got very serious on Raw.

Raw marched into Chicago for the penultimate edition of the show before WrestleMania 40 takes place. A packed house saw Cody Rhodes open the show but he was soon uninterrupted by The Rock who was not advertised for the show.

Rather than an epic promo battle between the two men, The Rock instead whispered something to Rhodes leaving him confused before The Great One made a quick exit.

Later in the show, Rhodes was asked what The Rock had said but simply noted that he had made a promise he couldn’t keep but it turned out The People’s Champ was not done for the night.

The Rock Attacks Cody Rhodes

As Raw reached its end, Cody Rhodes was attacked backstage by The Rock with an assault that led out to Rhodes’ bus. The American Nightmare was left bloodied and battered as The Rock rubbed salt in his wounds by smearing his blood on a weight belt emblazoned with ‘Mama Rhodes’ while he told Rhodes that his father Dusty spoke about hard times but it would be Cody Rhodes finding out all about hard times at WrestleMania.

The Rock will team with Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania Saturday against Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Should The Bloodline’s team win then it will be ‘Bloodline Rules’ when Rhodes faces Reigns the next night for the WWE Universal Championship.