Dominik Mysterio Received Familiar Advice As A WWE Babyface

Rhea Ripley whispering Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio has recalled the advice he received early in his WWE career, instructions that may well be familiar to other such babyfaces in the company.

Mysterio burst onto the WWE scene in 2020, competing in his first official match in the company at that year’s SummerSlam where he lost to Seth Rollins. With his father, WWE icon Rey Mysterio, Dominik went on to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championship but at Clash at the Castle in September 2022, the younger Mysterio turned his back on his father and Edge and joined up with The Judgment Day.

Speaking on the K100 podcast, Dominik Mysterio discussed the advice he received early on in his WWE career as he battled to match his father’s energy on-screen:

“When I first started with my dad, it just seemed like an over-exaggerated version of me. I’m very laid back and very calm, and I just felt like I had to match my dad’s energy. So it was always very like, always smiling because they were like, ‘Dude, you got a great smile, you gotta smile more.'”

Mysterio didn’t say who he received the advice from but former SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has previously discussed how Vince McMahon told her to smile more when she was a babyface in the company.

Dominik Mysterio continued by saying that he feels more comfortable working as a heel now and that the role came more naturally to him:

“I felt like I had more options and more variety to play with as a heel and stuff. I did feel a lot more comfortable. Plus, when I was training before I debuted when I would do matches, I would always be the bad guy. I’d always be the heel working the babyface in training, so it kind of just came a little bit more natural and comfortable for me.”

Rhea Ripley’s favourite jailbird was instrumental in picking up a huge win for The Judgment Day recently that will see the group challenging The Usos for the Raw Tag Team Championship, with many believing this is a sign that the era of Undispsputed WWE tag Team Champions could be coming to an end.

h/t Fightful