Dax Harwood Says Young Bucks Belong On Mount Rushmore Of Tag Team Wrestling

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood’s opinion has been getting a lot of attention lately and now he has some kind words to say about another AEW tag team.

Dax Harwood’s FTR Podcast has been a source of discussion – and according to some, controversy – ever since it started.

Harwood discussed how Colt Cabana upset him when he allegedly mocked Harwood’s accent. Then Harwood’s comments regarding CM Punk were said to be especially polarizing, to the point that Dave Meltzer reported that “different people” in AEW weren’t happy with what Dax Harwood said. And Harwood even felt Meltzer’s ire as he hit back at Dax Harwood’s comments about him as well.

Perhaps as an attempt to bring some positivity to the show, Dax Harwood decided to praise one an equally-polarizing wrestling act: The Young Bucks. Not only did Dax Harwood say nice things about the Bucks, but he said that both Matt and Nick Jackson belonged on the Mount Rushmore of tag team wrestling:

“There’s no taking away if I were going to put together a Mount Rushmore of tag teams, I would put The Young Bucks on there. I would have them right up there because they have defined a generation of tag team wrestling.

They also completely changed a style of tag team wrestling too. Not a style that Cash and I adopted just because that is not my cup of tea. Also not my forte. I couldn’t do half the sh*t, a quarter of the sh*t they do.

They’re incredible at what they do, but they did change the perception of tag team wrestling. They changed the way tag team wrestling is formatted. A

ll the differences that we may have had in the past from 2016 through 2022, I can’t take away the fact that they should be on a Mount Rushmore of tag team wrestling, and that’s going to get some people mad at me, but let’s just hope they keep downloading.”

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