Some In AEW Unhappy About Dax Harwood’s Podcast Regarding CM Punk

Dax Harwood CM Punk

Dax Harwood’s recent comments about CM Punk ruffled feathers backstage in AEW.

With William Regal going back to WWE, his Gentleman Villain podcast has been replaced on Ad Free Shows by the FTR podcast hosted by Dax Harwood. The podcast has only aired one episode so far, but it’s already caused a stir backstage in AEW.

During the podcast, Harwood spoke about CM Punk’s now-infamous feud with The Elite that led to a brawl following All Out in September. Harwood, who shares a close friendship with CM Punk, said that he hopes Punk and The Elite can work through their issues to help better the professional wresting industry as a whole. He also said that Punk confided in him after the All Out brawl took place, and that Punk never wanted to win the AEW World Championship in the first place.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Harwood’s comments about CM Punk and said that many in the company weren’t pleased with what they heard. After Alvarez said that he doesn’t believe there’s a chance of the two sides seeing eye to eye and working together, Meltzer said to “never say never” but also talked about people in AEW being unhappy with what Harwood had to say about Punk.

“From what I heard from different people, not the people who you probably heard from, they were not particularly happy at all about this.”

Bryan Alvarez confirmed that he’d also heard of people being upset about the podcast.

“All I heard the other day was how unhappy people were about that podcast.”

Dave Meltzer then expressed his belief that AEW should hold a company meeting to air some of the issues going on backstage before things once again get out of hand.

“This is what they need, I’ve said this before and they’ve done it. They need a team meeting on Wednesday in Seattle. They need to get this stuff cleared up and get everyone on the same page because they’re not…”