Dax Harwood Was Bothered By Colt Cabana Making Fun Of His Accent

dax harwood tag team title

Dax Harwood has spoken up about Colt Cabana making fun of his accent while noting that he felt like Colt never liked FTR after they arrived in AEW.

When the FTR tag team of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler arrived in AEW in May 2020, they were already well-established in the world of pro wrestling after a successful run in WWE when they were known as The Revival. During their WWE careers, they won the Raw Tag Team Titles (twice), Smackdown Tag Team Titles and NXT Tag Team Titles (twice).

While in AEW, they have held their Tag Team Titles as well as the ROH Tag Team Titles, which they recently lost to The Briscoes at ROH Final Battle. FTR also currently holds the NJPW IWGP Tag Team Titles and the AAA Tag Team Titles as well.

On his new podcast simply called FTR, Harwood’s first subject was his friend CM Punk. That led to a discussion about Colt Cabana, who wrestling fans know as Punk’s former best friend, who is now not a friend following a lawsuit stemming from when Punk was on Cabana’s podcast in 2014. Needless to say, there are still a lot of bitter feelings between Punk and Cabana.

When Cabana was mentioned on his podcast, Dax Harwood told a story about how Cabana made fun of his accent in a way that didn’t amuse Harwood, who is from North Carolina.

“I don’t know Colt very well. The very first day we were in the company, I could be wrong, I just felt that Colt didn’t like us. You know, there were some people there that didn’t like us like I said. I remember that he made fun of my accent the very first day and I wasn’t very happy with that because I take offense to that, and maybe I shouldn’t, but if people knew my backstory and how hard I worked to get the education that I got, you know, real quick, I’ll fill you in. I’ll do a very short version of it.”

That led to Dax Harwood educating his podcast listeners about his education while noting that he’s never even had a conversation with Cabana, who was a part of AEW, but is now part of ROH only.

“When I was in college, my mom and dad both lost their jobs within a month of each other. I had nobody to help me with rent or books or food or anything. So I had to work three jobs plus wrestling on the weekends just so I could pay for my college and I paid for my own college. I got a degree at UNC Bellevue and a bachelor’s in English and a bachelor’s in business communication and it was all through my efforts.”

“If the people saw the sleepless nights that I had, the nights that because I was worried that I wasn’t going to get this, or the nights I had negative dollars in my bank account because I was paying for books or putting things on credit cards and stuff like that, I think maybe they could understand it then.

“But for him to make fun of my accent, because the connotation is if you’re a Southerner, you’re stupid, that bothers me man, and maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me. So that was the very first run-in I ever had with Colt, but other than that, I’ve never really had a conversation with him, never talked to him, nothing like that.”

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