Dax Harwood Recalls Incident That Led To Vince McMahon Chewing Him Out

Vince McMahon WWE

Dax Harwood has discussed the backstage incident involving Alexa Bliss that led to Vince McMahon chewing him out.

Vince McMahon was well known for his quirks and sometimes unpredictable behaviour backstage and sometimes his own WWE Superstars didn’t quite know what would set him off.

Speaking on his FTR podcast, Dax Harwood recalled one incident that led to him feeling the ire of McMahon and it came about as a result of a segment that saw him brush past Alexa Bliss:

“We (FTR) came to the back. She (Alexa Bliss) had a backstage. I remember we were supposed to come in and we were supposed to be very animated and happy that we won, so I come in, pretended like I was playing the trumpet or something and I was in a marching band and marched by Alexa and my shoulder barely brushed her shoulder, barely brushed it.

“I beg people to go back and watch it. Barely brushed her shoulder. As soon as it was over, we got called into the Gorilla Position and Vince (McMahon) chewed me out because he said, ‘Men don’t touch women!’ And I was like, ‘Vince, I was just walking past.’

“In a pre-tape, you’re confined to a very small shot and everyone has to be shot in that. You can’t get out of the picture and I was like, ‘I barely touched her Vince’ and it wasn’t like I came to give her a shoulder tackle or I snuffed her like this.

“I was just walking past her and barely brushed her. So I remember getting in trouble which probably set the course for the rest of our tenure there… I guess so (it’s all because of the shoulder bump).”

Dax Harwood also recently discussed his relationship with Tony Khan and The Young Bucks in AEW, saying that the latter “completely deteriorated.”

h/t WrestleTalk