Dax Harwood Felt “Lied To” In AEW As Young Bucks’ Relationship “Deteriorated”

Dax Harwood headlocks Nick Jackson

Dax Harwood has opened up about his relationship with The Young Bucks “completely deteriorated” after feeling FTR had been lied to in AEW.

When FTR joined AEW in 2020, fans were salivating at the prospect of a dream match between the team formerly known as The Revival and The Young Bucks. Even though the team’s paths hadn’t crossed before, a rivalry was built between The Bucks and Cody Rhodes on Being The Elite where “f*ck The Revival” became a punchline.

However, even though FTR and The Young Bucks have collided, the story between the two teams has never built into the long-term on-screen feud that many believe it should have been.

Speaking on his FTR podcast, Dax Harwood has lifted the lid on what went wrong and suggests that he and his partner Cash Wheeler felt they had been lied to by Tony Khan:

“I felt like we were a backdrop. I felt that everything we had been promised when we came in, we were promised that the tag division was going to be built around these two teams, and I felt it wasn’t being built around us. I felt we were lied to and at the time we were being lied to. I think my relationship with Tony got even more strained, I felt the relationship with the Bucks completely deteriorated.

“I take the blame for that. I take the blame for it because I shouldn’t have taken wrestling so seriously. If Tony decided that he didn’t think we were in that league or we should’ve been presented in a certain way, it’s his company. Same thing with Vince (McMahon). I hold no ill will towards Vince or Tony (Khan). Tony is one of my closest buds now and I love him for what he’s done for me and my family.”

Dax Harwood then admitted he became combative and that he wasn’t being the best team player behind the scenes:

“I should’ve looked back and said, ‘If Tony doesn’t look at us in this light, what can I do to prove him wrong?’ Instead, I had the same thought, but I was going to be combative and fight for it, and I shouldn’t have. It’s his company. If there were, if there are ill feelings between us and the Young Bucks, it was because we took it personally and we shouldn’t have taken it personally.

“I think they took how we felt personally, and they probably should have because we probably weren’t being the best team players at that point. I can speak for me, I wasn’t being the best team player because of all the sh*t I had going on in my brain.”

FTR is currently taking time off from AEW and Dax Harwood recently confirmed when the pair’s contracts with the company expire.

h/t Fightful