Dax Harwood Shows Off Injury After AEW All In [PHOTO]

Dax Harwood

Dax Harwood left his match at AEW All In with some battle scars.

Harwood and his tag team partner Cash Wheeler had their long-awaited rubber match with The Young Bucks at All In. The match went just under twenty-two minutes and saw FTR retain their World Tag Team Titles after a Shatter Machine tandem finisher.

Both Harwood and Wheeler left the match with the titles still around their waists…but Harwood left with something else as well.

Earlier on August 29th, Harwood shared a photo to social media showing his nose in a crooked position with the caption “Nose looks goodt”

There have been no indications that his nose is broken or that he will be needing time off, which means that he can be expected to appear on AEW programming this week without any interruption.

AEW All In sees Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler wrestle The Young Bucks without incident

The idea that FTR and the Young Bucks would wrestle in a controversy-free match at All In was alien to some fans, especially given how divided AEW’s roster has been over the past year.

When CM Punk was first found to have been involved in the backstage incident at All Out 2022, Dax Harwood was one of the first people to jump to Punk’s defense.

At the same time, though, Harwood has tried to encourage both sides to reconcile and work together for the good of the company. However, recent events suggest that such reconciliation appears to be impossible.

Reports have suggested that Punk sees big money in an on-screen feud between his side (which includes FTR) and The Elite over all that has happened over the past year but The Elite don’t appear to be interested in working with him at all.

But CM Punk won’t have to worry about The Elite for some time as he is currently dealing with the consequences of a confrontation with Jack Perry at All In and a heated encounter with company owner Tony Khan.