Dave Meltzer Calls Out “Tribal Weirdos” As AEW & WWE Go Head To Head

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Dave Meltzer took fans to task ahead of next week’s Tuesday Night War between WWE and AEW.

October 10th will be a huge night of wrestling as WWE NXT will go head to head with a rare Tuesday night edition of AEW Dynamite. All Elite Wrestling is stacking the card for a special Title Tuesday episode, while NXT is calling in some of its biggest main roster stars like John Cena, Asuka, and Cody Rhodes in addition to NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer took issue with AEW and WWE fans alike, explaining that there’s no ulterior motive behind WWE calling in main roster favors or AEW switching nights.

“Oh, man, people are just like really weird about this Tuesday thing. You know, because they’re going head to head and people are, you know. I mean, it’s the tribal weirdos, but I mean, it’s like, you know, WWE is not trying to compete with them at all. They’re just trying to get a better television rights deal.

“And just all kinds of just weirdness and ‘AEW started it, they’re moving, you know, they’re moving on to NXT’s night.’ And it’s like, there’s a frickin’ baseball playoff game, AEW didn’t want to move there, to go there.”

“It’s Good For The Viewers” – Dave Meltzer On Stacked Cards For AEW Dynamite & WWE NXT

Instead of focusing on a war, Meltzer believes fans should be excited about excellent programming on both brands.

“But whatever, it’s head to head, it’s good for the, you know, it’s good for viewers, both companies are sending out big, big shows. So the viewers win, and there’s nothing wrong with the competition. The competition is fine. It’s not like anyone’s cheating, you know, they’re trying to win a night and that’s, that’s fine. And both are going [hard] you know, I mean, they’re loading up the shows. So that’s a good thing.”

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