Dana White Dismisses Talk Of Partnership Between WWE And UFC

Dana White Triple H WWE

Dana White isn’t here to learn from WWE.

Since the merger between WWE and UFC was completed in September 2023, there’s been an increasing level of integration between the two companies. This has seen several long-serving WWE figures leave the company, while NXT Battleground is being held at UFC Apex on June 9th.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Endeavor has merged WWE and UFC’s Live Event teams. The two departments will now operate as one under the guise of a new TKO Live Events Strategy Team, headed up by UFC EVP Peter Dropick.

However, according to Dana White, this doesn’t mean the two companies are fully intertwined.

Dana White Hits Back At Idea He’s Working With WWE

Speaking at the press conference following UFC 302, Dana White suggested the companies are still “very separate,” despite what some fans and observers might think. The UFC boss’ comments came after being asked what he’d been able to learn from working with WWE.

“It’s very separate. I haven’t worked with them at all. I do what I do, and they do what they do. They’re using some of the people from my team to help them in different areas, business-wise, but as far as putting on live events, I mean, WWE is very good at what they do. And we’re very good at what we do. And yeah, that’s about as far as it goes.”

Earlier in the month, Dana White denied all knowledge of any talks between heavyweight star Derrick Lewis and WWE. Ahead of his latest win over Rodrigo Nascimento, Lewis said he’d been talking with WWE for a “few months,” sparking speculation he could be about to try his hand at professional wrestling.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co