Dana White “Didn’t Know” UFC Star Is In Talks With WWE

WWE star The Rock and UFC boss Dana White BMF Title

Dana White has commented on UFC stars jumping to WWE.

Speaking ahead of his fight with Rodrigo Nascimento, Derrick Lewis claimed he’s been in talks with WWE for a “few months,” sparking speculation he could be about to try his hand at pro wrestling.

With WWE and UFC now under the same TKO Group umbrella speculation has been running wild about stars from each company dipping their toes into a new discipline. The rumours only increased back in February, when Michael Chandler appeared to call out Conor McGregor during an episode of Raw.

Following Lewis’ TKO victory over Nascimento, UFC boss Dana White was asked about the star’s comments, and whether a series of crossovers could be on the way. White revealed he didn’t know Lewis had been talking to WWE, but he had no problem with such crossovers. He even took a shot at Vince McMahon for good measure.

Well, I didn’t know that, but yeah, I would do anything for Derrick Lewis. I really like Derrick Lewis a lot, so. Listen some of the some of the fighters who fight here have always dreamed about doing a WWE match or whatever it is. I don’t have a problem with that. I mean, I didn’t have a problem with that when Vince was consistently f*cking me for no reason and now that that’s not the case anymore I obviously would absolutely do it.”

Montez Ford Looking To Jump From WWE To UFC

Meanwhile, Montez Ford recently revealed he pitched a switch to UFC directly to Nick Khan.

Ford has been increasingly vocal about his desire to compete inside the octagon, previously suggesting his wife Bianca Belair blocked one attempt. In a new interview, Ford reiterated his MMA dreams, adding that Bobby Lashley — who has his own MMA history, thinks he’d be a success.

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