More WWE Cuts Confirmed

Nick Khan WWE

WWE has parted ways with two more members of management.

According to a new report from Fightful, Tavia Hartley and Kristen Prouty have left WWE.

Hartley had been with the company since 2021, working as Talent Operations and Appearances Manager. Prouty began working with the sports entertainment giant back in 2000 and had been Senior VP of Entertainment Relations for almost 20 years. The report adds that she was instrumental in bringing Logan Paul to WWE.

There’s been a great deal of movement behind the scenes in 2024, with Chief Operating Officer Brad Blum offering his resignation on May 1st.

Meanwhile, the company’s Head of Talent Relations and other long-serving employees have also left their positions in recent weeks.

WWE Live Event Team Merges With UFC

The news comes after it was announced that Endeavor has merged WWE and UFC’s Live Event teams. The two departments will now operate as one under the guise of a new TKO Live Events Strategy Team, headed up by UFC EVP Peter Dropick.

In a press release explaining the switch Andrew Schleimer, Chief Financial Officer, TKO said:

“The newly integrated TKO Live Events Strategy Team will focus on creating operational efficiencies and developing strategies to leverage the broader economic benefits we bring to host cities, including partnering with local governments and maximizing revenue opportunities from site fees.”

One WWE premium live event is already set to take place at UFC’s Apex and there has been plenty of speculation hinting at more collaborations in the future.